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Gift of Body

Please download this packet to your own computer to complete the forms.  If you complete these PDF forms online, there is a possibility that the system could retain the form information and it could be visible to the next person who uses the forms.   In order to comply with security and privacy issues, we strongly suggest that you download the form and complete it from your own computer or from disk.

To download - right-click on the link and choose the option to save file/target to disk.

Gift of Body Program Donor Packet


  • Letter from Program Director
  • Gift of Body Donation Form Set - [Instuction page and 4 forms]
  • 6 page FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Letter from Program Director regarding new Polymer Preservation Program
  • FAQ for new Polymer Preservation Program

The forms are available in PDF version, which means that you can fill out most of the forms at your computer and then print them out.  You will still need to complete and sign the forms, as well as have your witnesses' complete their portion of the forms.  Once the forms have been signed by the donor and all witnesses required, the forms should be sent to the program at the following address:

USC School of Medicine
CELL DBA - Anatomical Programs
Columbia, SC  29208

There is a 7 day waiting period from the date the signed forms are received in the Gift of Body Program office, before the donation intent is considered complete.  Note that forms not filled out completely may delay processing of the donation intent.   Incomplete forms will be returned to donor for completion, thus delaying processing by (generally) a week.  Please remember that the final acceptance will not be determined until date of death for the donor.

Donor will receive a confirmation letter stating that their donation intent is on file with the University, along with a wallet-sized donation intent card, and a copy of the date-stamped forms for their own records.  The donor may decide to give a copy of their forms to the named Next of Kin and/or Medical Personnel.  

We suggest that donors keep a file folder containing their returned filing copies along with the other materials received in the original information packet in case they or any family members have questions in the future regarding the anatomical programs with which the donor has signed.

READ ALL PACKET INFORMATION CLOSELY before you contact the Gift of Body Program office with any questions.  98 % of your questions will be answered in the materials provided!