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Welcome to Gift of Body Program

Housed in the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, the Gift of Body Program is for individuals wishing to donate their bodies to science upon their death. This program began in the 1970's as our fledgling medical school began the process of training health professionals to serve the citizens of South Carolina. We are very proud to say that the citizens of our state have been very generous in their contributions; and with a current database of over 2300 (future) donors, the Gift of Body Program has far exceeded our original expectations. The majority of cadavers obtained with the program are used for the Gross Anatomy Lab for the teaching of first year Medical Students at the School of Medicine. 

Currently we are accepting donor applications from within the state of South Carolina only.
You can download the Informational Packet (complete with PDF forms) from this site, or you can request a packet to be sent to you via U.S.P.S. by calling our program office at (803) 216-3888.  Our Program Coordinator will be happy to speak with you.

Director:  Erika Blanck, DPT, ATC
Coordinator:  Lisa J. Buchanan

Contact Info:

Gift of Body Program     
USC School of Medicine                                               
Cell Biology & Anatomy                                
Columbia, SC  29208  
Phone:  (803) 216-3888
Fax:  (803) 216-3848
Email:  RealAnatomy@uscmed.sc.edu