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Polymer Preservation

Why should I enroll?

Your participation in this program will serve to enrich and further enhance the medical education of our future physicians, by enabling us to go beyond current limitations and utilizing donor gifts to their fullest educational levels.

Traditional teaching of Anatomy at USC School of Medicine directs the first year medical student through a dissection process over the course of a semester. It is through this “hands on” process that they form that all important, initial medical education that will be the basis for all future study. A small group of students is assigned to each cadaver per semester. These embalmed cadavers are individuals who have donated their bodies to the Gift of Body program. At the end of the semester, each cadaver is cremated and the ashes either interred in the Donor Memorial Garden on the grounds of the School of Medicine, or returned to the family for final disposition.

Due to the nature of the course and lab work, each cadaver can only be utilized for teaching for a single semester. If a cadaver should present an interesting medical condition or have a rare operating technique, it can be used as an additional teaching resource for the students, but again this opportunity can only be utilized for that semester. A cadaver that has been processed through the Polymer Preservation Program could be used as a teaching tool for medical students for decades. As the cost of educating medical students continues to rise each year, these permanent specimens can enhance a teaching program many times over.

We are excited about the resource potential this new program will provide to our future physicians through the creation of educational specimens. We hope that you will share our excitement and choose to join us in this new endeavor by selecting to enhance your anatomical donation through participation in the Polymer Preservation (Permanent Donation) Program.

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